How to make an unbreakable financial plan?


We've created a unique book on creating an unbreakable financial plan. We have not found any comprehensive guide in the Czech Republic that is truly practical, covers all the important areas and is not purely salesy.

So we sat down and wrote the book in six months. There is a bit of finance, economics, law, taxes, but also common sense. In addition to the book, we created supporting tables and calculators to further enhance the practical concepts and applications.

Download the book and immerse yourself in the world of true financial planning.

The ebook will show you the following areas, which you will then be able to work with:

  • psychology that influences our financial decisions,
  • data collection for financial planning and how to work with it,
  • introduces you to asset data records, how to sort, revalue, and work with them,
  • you set your budget and reserves,
  • a peek under the hood of pensions, calculations or even the importance of IOLDPs,
  • you will analyse the possible risks you face and evaluate how to address them,
  • you will learn about inheritance and be able to create an inheritance scheme,
  • you will get into life insurance, you will be able to calculate exactly what risks you need to insure and how to arrive at the sums insured, you will learn the basic exclusions or pricing of insurance,
  • you will get a clear understanding of non-life insurance, find out how the sums insured are determined and how to approach insurance,
  • you can analyse existing products,
  • teaches you how to define investment goals and shows you how to work with goals in investing using concrete examples,
  • shows you how to prepare estates for annuity drawdown and the secrets of an infinite annuity,
  • into real estate, both investment and personal,
  • you will be able to put together a portfolio according to your goals and understand how to work with it when the deadline is approaching,
  • we'll show you how to think about the platforms where you invest,
  • you will build a crisis plan that thinks about the smallest details and will not leave your family and the surrounding area in the lurch if something happens to you,
  • you'll get into income taxes, securities, rent or maybe a crypt,
  • you will get tips on how to work with your plan in the long term,
  • We will show you the difference between paid and commissioned advisors and why it is important to monitor the motivation of the advisor you have chosen.

The book is written for:

  • People who want to manage their own finances but don't have a comprehensive guide and want to take financial planning seriously,
  • People who are thinking about whether to manage their finances themselves or have an advisor, but don't know much about what financial planning is and what an advisor should do for them,
  • people who are interested in this field and want to learn more,
  • financial advisors who want to take their work to the next level,
  • people who have an advisor but are unsure of his or her actions, want to delve more into the issue and have a whip hand on their advisor and more competence to judge his or her professionalism.

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