Tomáš Brázda

Analyst, Head of Postaráme

Tomáš Brázda has been with us since the beginning of 2022, when he went through the trainee program for the first 3 months. His job is to create tools for working with clients - reporting, annual reports and financial plans. Among other things, he helps us with smaller market and product analyses. He has been in the finance industry since he was 21 years old. His strengths include a perfect knowledge of financial mathematics and constructive thinking. In his spare time, he reads professional publications or improves himself in the basics of coding (HTML/CSS). He is constantly thinking, testing and improving financial plans, both for annuitants and for clients in the accumulation phase of life. Tomas has extreme discipline and attention to detail - he believes every thing must be measurable and evaluable.

All this took Thomas a little further. In 2023, my partner and I founded the company and Tomáš plays an important role in it. He is in charge of its management and at the same time handles the entire process of purchasing and managing investment apartments. He uses his analytical skills, but also his human approach and business spirit. In addition, his background in construction is a great advantage, so he understands real estate perfectly, even from a technical point of view.

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